politicas de sportfishingmx

Adjustments and Refunds Policy

Individual sport fishing permits are issued by the National Commission of Aquaculture and Fishing (CONAPESCA) with the data provided by the applicant. In case of data error, the federal agency does not allow modifications to the permits, so once requested and issued, no changes are allowed.

Due to the above, if the applicant submits incorrect information to generate his permit, the applicant assumes the responsibility of acquiring a new permit with the correct data.

In the event that SportfisingMX personnel cause a permit to be generated with incorrect data according to the information provided by the applicant, the permit will be replaced by another with the correct data at no additional cost.

CONAPESCA does not allow reimbursement of fees once the purchase of the required permits has been made, so SportifishingMX cannot reimburse or refund the fee paid for a fishing permit in the event that a fisherman cancels his participation in a trip once his permit is requested.

In the event that SportfishingMX is notified by the applicant of the cancellation by a fisherman prior to issuing their permit, the applicant will be granted a credit towards a future purchase in the amount of the permit fee corresponding to the permit not issued.