Fee per person

best fishing locations in Mexico

$18.80 USD

fishing destinations in Mexico

$35.60 USD

pesca deportiva en mexico

$52.50 USD

licencias de pesca

$69.00 USD

Website authorized by the Mexican Federal Government to issue sport fishing licenses required to practice this activity in Mexico’s
marine and inland water.

Mexican Regulations

fishing licenses in Mexico

If you practice sport fishing in Mexico, the National Aquaculture and Fisheries Commission requires that each person have a valid fishing license.

If you wish to obtain your sport fishing license, click here .

If you wish to obtain information on the official catch limits, Click here

If you are a foreigner, request your tourist card or FMM (Multiple Migration Form) document before the National Immigration Institute, so that you can enjoy a legal stay in the country for up to 180 days.

Keep in mind that it is necessary to have a valid passport or passport card to obtain your tourist card.

  • If you leave a port in the United States and you intend to fish only in the area of the Coronado Islands in Baja California, Click here for specific instructions for this destination.

  • For any other destination in Mexico, Click here

If your vessel is of foreign registration, and it measures at least 14.5 feet in length, you must obtain a temporary import permit valid for 10 years to enter any port in the country.

You can get the temporary import permit in person at any border crossing if your boat travels in a trailer or at any arrival point if your arrival is by sea.

To obtain the temporary import permit online, go to www.banjercito.com.mx/registro-vehiculos/# to start the process.

If you have questions about the process, or want to replace a permit that is still in force, contact the Banjercito Office in Mexico City at (55) 5328-2329 or (55) 5328-2344 and their bilingual staff will answer your questions.

If you visit a Reserve or Protected Natural Area, including any of the Pacific islands of Baja California, you must pay an access fee to enter that park.

You can pay a daily fee at the office of the nearest National Commission of Natural Protected Areas, or you can get your annual Conservation Passport online at the following link: https://pasaportedelaconservacion.conanp.gob.mx/vistas/inicio.php

In addition, you can buy your annual Conservation Passport through the mobile application “Pasaporte de la Conservación” that you will find in the app store of the iOS and Android systems.

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